Teaching Morphology Developmentally–Revised: Methods and Materials for Teaching Bound Morphology Kenneth G. Shipley, Carolyn J. Banis

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You'll have the tools to evaluate–morphology, develop an instructional program, and teach bound and irregular morphemes. The manual outlines the basic tenets of morphology and describes methods of:

  • evaluating bound morphology (i.e. morphemes that must be joined to a stand-alone morpheme to convey meaning-walked)
  • using linguistic rules to teach morphology in the appropriate developmental sequence.

Use these materials effectively with your-

  • Normally developing preschool and school-age children
  • Children in special education programs
  • Children who have language delays or disorders
  • Children and adults who have hearing impairments
  • Adults with specific morphologic language deficiencies
  • Students in ESL programs

The 522 full-color illustrated stimulus cards target these specific morphemes:

  • Present progressives: -ing
  • Plurals: /z/, /s/, /ez/, /vez/, and irregular forms
  • Possessives: /z/, /s/, and /ez/ forms
  • Past tenses: /d/, /t/, /ed/, and irregular forms
  • Third-person singulars: /z/, /s/, and /ez/ forms
  • Derived adjectives: -er, -est, and irregular forms

TARGET GROUP: 2 1/2 years to adult

COMPLETE PROGRAM: instruction and reproducible worksheet manual, softbound, and 522 full-color cards, 3" x 5"