Techniques for Managing Verbally & Physically Aggressive Students–Fourth Edition Beverley H. Johns

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Techniques for Managing Verbally & Physically Aggressive Students- Fourth Edition consists of positive, effective approaches for dealing with students who are verbally or physically aggressive.

Teachers learn to successfully manage and instruct difficult students by:

  • seeing each student as a person worthy of his or her time and attention,
  • treating students firmly and fairly,
  • enforcing consistent expectations,
  • creating a safe and secure classroom,
  • ensuring that the classroom priority is learning and the dominant attitude is respect, and
  • recognizing the potential in all students.

These techniques have been found to be effective with students who have significant behavioral problems as well as students in the general education population.


  1. Facing the Challenge
  2. The Classroom Climate
  3. Ineffective Classroom Management Techniques
  4. Successful Behavior Management Techniques
  5. Behavior Intervention Plans
  6. Understanding Aggression
  7. Dealing With Aggressive Behavior
  8. Verbally Dealing With Aggression
  9. Use of Time-Out
  10. Bully-Proofing the Classroom
  11. Physical Intervention With Aggressive Students
  12. Breaking Up Fights
  13. Police Intervention and Community Agency Involvement
  14. Working Effectively With Parents
  15. Administrative Issues

Appendices contain multiple sample forms and examples of procedures.

176 pages, 6 x 9, softcover © 2018 ISBN 978-1-4164-1130-7