The Source for Pediatric Dysphagia–Second Edition Nancy B. Swigert

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Ages: Birth-18
Grades: Birth-Adult

Updated and expanded evaluation tools and goals help organize your treatment. Whether you are new to the subject area or a veteran, you'll find information you need to practice effectively. Here's a sampling of the content:

  • anatomy and physiology–nutritive vs. non-nutritive suckling, reflexes and what they mean, normal development of feeding and self-feeding skills, and more
  • clinical evaluation–differential diagnosis of feeding disorders, completing a case history, example evaluations, and more
  • instrumentation–administration and analyses of FEES and MBS, radiation safety, monitoring of the infant's/child's response, and more
  • treatment–treatment of problems associated with abnormal tone, sensation, and motor learning; behavior-based dysphagia; children who are NPO; and more
  • managing dysphagia in the school setting–establishing a dysphagia team, reimbursement, developing IEPs and individual health services plans, and more
  • treatment of infants–facilitating infant response, understanding distress signals and state of alertness, breastfeeding, and more

This book comes with an additional 51 printable pages of therapy tools:

  • case history form
  • evaluation forms individualized by these age groups:
    • 0-4months
    • 4 months-5 years
    • 5-18 years
  • in-service guide on dysphagia in school-age children
  • educational handouts
  • observation forms
  • questionnaire for children with severe drooling
  • tips for developing good mealtime behaviors

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177-page book with an additional 51 printable pages (evaluation tools and educational handouts). ©2010