The Source for Selective Mutism Gail J. Richard

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Ages: 2-18
Grades: Toddler-Adult

Empower the child with selective mutism to speak with confidence. Speech-language pathology expert and author, Dr. Gail Richard, combines current knowledge with years of experience to give an authoritative, practical guide for the diagnosis and successful treatment of selective mutism.

End the confusion you may have about selective mutism with this easy-to-read Source. Learn crucial information you need including:
  • differentiating selective mutism from shyness
  • differentiating the types of selective mutism
  • the behavioral parameters of selective mutism
  • the most beneficial treatment methodologies
  • Dr. Richard's desensitization treatment program to alleviate speaking anxiety includes 44 pages of detailed instructions
  • setting treatment goals
  • how to address comorbid speech and language disorders
  • why SLPs are uniquely qualified to assess and treat selective mutism
  • roles of the multidisciplinary team members
  • why the "wait and see" approach is harmful
  • how to meet the need for services within regular education and special education
The eye-opening information gives you the facts you need to confidently work with children with selective mutism. The chapters include:
  • Chapter 1: diagnostic criteria, types of selective mutism, leading evidence-based etiological factors
  • Chapter 2: prevalence, behavioral symptoms, comorbidity, misdiagnoses
  • Chapter 3: informal and formal assessment procedures, developmental speech-language issues, differential diagnosis, prognosis, Selective Mutism Questionnaire
  • Chapter 4: treatment considerations, common treatments
  • Chapter 5: four-stage desensitization treatment program (44-page, detailed program), speech-language goals, working with adolescents
  • Chapter 6: roles and responsibilities of professionals, qualifying a child for services
  • Chapter 7: resources for parents, teachers, and other professionals

158-pages • 8.5 x 11 • softcover • ©2011