The Source Intervention in Autism Spectrum Disorders–Second Edition Phyllis Kupperman

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Ages: 3–Adult Grades: PreK–Adult

This second edition explains the new criteria for diagnosing autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and adds up-to-date developments in the field. It also provides practical methods for evaluation. The book’s four major purposes are to:

  1. introduce students, professionals, and parents to the complexities of ASD;
  2. describe the common learning styles of individuals with ASD;
  3. discuss strategies for improving academic achievement, language development, and social skills; and
  4. suggest tactics for intervening and teaching.

Through the use of stories and illustrative examples, this book provides insight into the issues that arise throughout the lifespan of an individual with ASD.

  • Chapter 1 defines autism spectrum disorders and its comorbid and related conditions.
  • Chapter 2 discusses how ASD affects language development; academic achievement in reading, writing, and math; visual motor challenges; social learning; and the development of theory of mind.
  • Chapter 3 deals with assessing the child, family, school, and community in order to identify goals, objectives, and treatment strategies.
  • Chapter 4 presents suggestions for managing language, academics, and social skill development.
  • Chapter 5 addresses family members’ concerns for those with ASD from early childhood through young adulthood.

Reproducible materials include an Early Social Behaviors Rating Scale form, a Child Evaluation for Autism Spectrum Disorder form, and a Related Tactics summary chart for specific intervention tactics in different skill areas.

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176 pages • 8.5 X 11, softcover book with reproducible pages • ©2017