The STAR Program–Second Edition - Level 3: Complete Kit Joel R. Arick, Lauren Loos, Ruth Falco, David A. Krug

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Strategies for Teaching Based on Autism Research

The STAR Program is a comprehensive, three level program based on Applied Behavioral Analysis, using Discrete Trial (DT), Pivotal Response (PRT), and Functional Routine (FR) training strategies. The STAR Program has been shown to help students with autism and other developmental disabilities master receptive, expressive, and spontaneous language; functional skills; pre-academic concepts; and play and social interaction concepts.

Now in the second edition, The STAR Program, has been improved and enhanced based on the latest research on the evidence-based practices, feedback from professionals’ implementation and training on the program, and the authors’ knowledge gained from experiences over the last ten years.

Level 3 Learning Goals

    • expand vocabulary and phrase length
    • use prepositions and pronouns
    • read more functional sight words
    • write with dictation and from memory
    • read a simple story in a book
    • identify and use money
    • tell time and use this skill with their classroom schedule
    • add and subtract one digit numbers
    • follow more complex routines such as computer use, transitioning between locations and large group activities in and out of the classroom
    • participate in school routines such as music, PE, lunch, and recess
    • play interactively with peers

      Ease of program implementation with fidelity was the primary goal of the program revision. Each Level of the program has been enhanced and improved and includes:

      • Program Manual
        • completely revised with a Getting Started chapter
      • Lesson Folders
        • improvements using DT and PRT strategies
        • inclusion of the task analysis for each functional routine on the lesson folder
        • lesson plans easily tailored to individual needs
      • Blackline Master Book and CD
        • Fidelity of Implementation Checklist
        • revised data form for PRT
        • reminder posters for staff to use when implementing strategies
        • forms for designing Classroom Schedules to implement the STAR Program
        • detailed instructions for completing the forms
      • Student Learning Profiles
        • enable educators to plan lessons and document progress for IFSPs and IEPs
        • new lesson targets
        • improvements for ease of use
      • Cards
        • colorful flashcards and photo cards to support lesson objectives
      • Manipulatives
        • all the objects needed for lessons
      • AND everything you need to implement the program with fidelity