The Tongue Thrust Book: Oral Myofunctional Therapy and Articulation Correction – Second Edition Marcelle Richardson

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The second edition of this well-organized program actually combines two programs in one. The first program provides the speech-language pathologist with sequentially organized instructional sessions for correcting the tongue thrust swallowing pattern. It includes a screening form, a letter to the orthodontist, child and parent handouts, tongue and lip exercises, a series of sessions, home charts, and a certificate of achievement. All materials are reproducible and may be used effectively with individuals or small groups.

The second program corrects an S articulation error. The S Articulation Correction Program includes parent and classroom teacher letters; speech-language pathologist, student, and parent record-keeping forms; home work sheets; and a certificate of achievement. The home work sheets provide sequentially organized instructional activities for practicing the S sound at levels of increasing difficulty. The S Articulation Correction Program generally begins once the tongue thrust swallow has been corrected.

Parents, students, and clinicians will all find this unique program practical and user-friendly. Parents will love being able to assist in the correction process and students will love the feeling of accomplishment they get in achieving tongue thrust and articulation correction.

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TARGET GROUP: Ages 7-13 years

123 pages • ©2003 • 8.5" x 11" softcover • previous edition #9922