TPI-2:CV: Transition Planning Inventory–Second Edition: Computer Version, Single User James R. Patton, Gary M. Clark

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Meets Legal Requirements for Transition Assessment!

Ages: 14 - 22
Testing Time: 15-30 minutes
Administration: Individual

The Transition Planning Inventory–Second Edition: Computer Version (TPI-2:CV) provides school personnel with a systematic way to address critical transition planning areas that are mandated by the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act of 2004 and to account for individual students preferences, interests, strengths, and needs. Key information is gathered from students, parents, guardians, and school personnel through the use of rating scales and open-ended questions.

The TPI-2:CV can serve as the main vehicle for identifying transition needs or complement existing procedures that are being used in a school district. In many cases, it can serve as a framework for acquiring more detailed assessment information. The most important outcomes are to identify transition preferences, interests, strengths, and needs regardless of methodology; develop necessary plans; and act on resultant goals.

The TPI-2:CV contains six basic forms. New to the TPI-2:CV are two student interests and preferences forms. The first form is used at the beginning of the transition planning process and the other form is used closer to the time when the student is leaving school.

In addition, the TPI-2:CV maintains the three key rating forms (student, school, home). A Profile and Further Recommendations Form provides a way to display the results obtained from the individual rating forms and plan any further assessments that might be needed. The student, home, and school rating forms now have 57 items; the Student Rating Form and Home Rating Form are written at a lower readability level than the School Rating Form.

Informal Assessments for Transition Planning- Second Edition (included with the TPI-2 print version) is a recommended resource that contains 818 sub-competencies for the 57 TPI-2:CV items. The resource also contains 52 informal instruments (with directions on how to use the instrument) that are related to the 57 TPI-2:CV items. The purpose of the book is to provide a way to confirm transition preferences, interests, strengths, and needs to enhance transition planning. This book is not included with the TPI-2:CV, but can be purchased separately: Informal Assessments for Transition Planning–Second Edition #14167

TPI-2:CV now comes on a USB card. The TPI-2:CV affords users with the following features that make the assessment process more effective and efficient:

  • The 57 items of the assessment, clustered by 11 transition-planning areas, are presented on screen, one at a time.
  • The rating information is keyed in via computer.
  • A "Read Aloud" feature allows the directions, items, and further information to be heard by the person completing either the Student Rating Form or Home Rating Form.
  • Both, the Student Rating Form and Home Rating Form have an "Information" feature that provides students and parents/guardians with more detailed description of each item when reading or vocabulary affect comprehension.
  • The Profile and Further Assessment Recommendations Form is generated automatically and can be printed either numerically or by strengths. Sample Profile
  • All student profiles can be kept in one secure location.

In addition to the TPI-2:CV assessment program, the USB card includes PDF files of additional resources useful for transition planning. The resources are:

  • User's Guide (Includes instructions for installing and starting the program)
  • Case Study
  • Home Forms
    • Home Preferences and Interests Forms (English, Spanish, Korean)
    • Home Rating Forms (Chinese, Spanish, Korean)
    • Item Descriptions (Chinese, Spanish, Korean)
  • Informal Assessments Available from PRO-ED
  • Modified Form (for students with significant support needs)
  • Print Version Manual
  • Research Support

TPI-2:CV System Requirements:

  • Windows 8, Professional, Home Premium; Windows 7 Ultimate, Professional, Home Premium
    • 1 GHz or faster
    • 1 GB RAM
    • DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver
  • Windows Vista Ultimate, Business, Home Premium (SP 2)
    • 1 GHz or faster
    • 1 GB of RAM
    • 1024x768 or higher resolution video adapter and display
  • Windows XP Professional, Home Edition (SP 3)
    • Pentium III 700MHz or faster
    • 256 MB of RAM
    • 1024x768 or higher resolution video adapter and display
  • Mac OS X v10.6 to 10.13
    • Intel-based Mac
    • 1 GB of RAM
  • Mac OS X v10.5.7
    • Power PC G4 (867MHz+)
    • Power PC G5
    • Intel-based Mac
    • 512 MB of RAM

Additional Suggested Equipment: headphones

Transition Planning Inventory–Second Edition: Computer Version (TPI-2:CV) Single User includes: 1 USB card.


Research Compilation for the Transition Planning Inventory and the Individuals with disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004


TPI-2 COMBO (Print & Computer Version) #14320