Transition-to-Work Inventory (25)



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With this best-selling, easy-to-use assessment, individuals with little or no work experience can identify their job options and make their career transitions more effective and rewarding.

Individuals will review a list of 96 non-work activities and rate how much they like each one. Simple self-scoring allows them to connect their answers to the 16 career clusters, which then lead to a list of related jobs, self-employment options, and paths for education and training.

In this edition, the items, directions, and information sources have been updated. Additional jobs and self-employment options appear in the assessment’s fourth step, which features a career exploration chart. A new sixth step helps individuals weigh the pros and cons of jobs that interest them and create a career plan that outlines educational and occupational goals, and how to overcome barriers to these goals. This tool can be used with:

  • Job seekers and career changers.
  • People returning to the workforce.
  • Clients in rehabilitation-to-work programs.
  • People with little or no work experience.
  • Students in school-to-work programs.
  • Clients in welfare-to-work programs.
  • People transitioning from military to civilian careers.
  • Ex-offenders in incarceration-to-work programs.

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