Vocalic R Shuffle LinguiSystems

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Ages: 6-17
Grades: 1-12

Add variety and spontaneity to vocalic /r/ drill with your favorite card games! The card decks are organized like authentic decks of playing cards to give a huge range of practice possibilities.

Each deck has 52 unique pictures and two joker cards. There are single and multi-syllable words with vocalic r in all positions. Each deck has four suits and is numbered just like an authentic deck of playing cards. The game possibilities are endless. Deal a hand of Go Fish, Crazy Eights, or War. Play memory games by matching suits, numbers, and face cards. Mix sounds from different decks to accommodate varied student goals.

There are six card decks for a total of 312 pictures:

  • "air" e.g., carry, billionaire
  • "ar" e.g., army, garlic
  • "ear" e.g., beard, engineer
  • "er" e.g., curb, daughter
  • "or" e.g., forget, newborn
  • Mixed contexts, e.g., margarine, super hero

COMPLETE PROGRAM: 6 card decks (each deck has 52 cards and 2 jokers).