WALC 5 Neuro Rehab Lisa Arnold

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Ages: Adults

Improve orientation, memory, organization, problem solving, reasoning, and written expression with this compilation of functional activities. Clients improve the way they process information and respond appropriately to the world around them.

Written in the best-selling format of the Workbook of Activities for Language and Cognition series, these activities have:

  • easy-to-read format
  • simple, concise language
  • consistent progression of complexity within and between tasks
  • application to a wide range of acquired cognitive-language disorders

Convenient, ready-to-use activities are supplemented with suggestions for further activities for caregivers and patients. The activities are organized into these skill areas:

  • Orientation Activities target orientation to environment, temporal and spatial orientation, and orientation to immediate and past events. Response formats include multiple-choice questions, yes/no questions, and open questions.
  • Memory Clients practice immediate recall of digit sequences, related and unrelated word sequences, and information in functional reading activities.
  • Organization Clients sequence the steps in everyday tasks and categorize words.
  • Verbal Problem Solving Improve judgment and problem solving ability by discussing problems encountered in the areas of medical, safety, household, daily living, financial, and community living. The questions are written in an open-ended format to encourage discussion.
  • Abstract Reasoning Includes activities to help clients understand figurative language. Improve social interactions with practice in the expression of personal feelings and interpretation of others' emotions.
  • Writing Begin with tracing and copying the alphabet and progress through copying and writing letters, phrases, and sentences.

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180 pages • 8.5 x 11 • softcover • ©2003