Word Feast–Middle School for Figurative Language Paul F. Johnson

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Ages: 11-14
Grades: 6-9

For your students who interpret figurative language literally, ease their frustration and end confusion with Word Feast–Middle School for Figurative Language. Each expertly-crafted lesson is designed to demystify the interpretation and use of this colorful language.

Students with ASD and other language disorders misunderstand the communication intent of their peers which often leads to social segregation. The lessons in Word Feast Middle School for Figurative Language give your students access to understanding and using figurative language in their communication.

Based on best-practice techniques, each lesson centers on a theme and includes:

  • targeted figures of speech
  • teaching tips
  • prior knowledge activation questions
  • controlled-level, context-rich, and often hysterically funny reading passages
  • teaching activities that include interesting facts about the history of the phrase
  • a list of student-friendly meanings that include usage tips and correct/incorrect usage examples
  • answer key

Lesson themes include On the Job, Fashion and Clothing, Music, Team Sports, Money, Nature, Fun and Games, and many others.

Give your students the language power they need to banter with their peers, write colorfully, and end their feeling of social isolation with Word Feast–Middle School: for Figurative Language.

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121 pages • 8.5 x 11 • softcover • ©2013