WORDS: Integrated Decoding and Spelling Instruction Based on Word Origin and Word Structure, Second Edition Marcia K. Henry

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TARGET GROUP: Grades 3-8; Students in need of specific, systematic instruction in reading.

This is a new edition of Marcia Henry’s much-loved book, WORDS, now includes reproducible student activities and expanded progress-monitoring tools. WORDS emphasizes decoding and spelling based on word origin and word structure, thus strengthening students' ability to decode, comprehend, ans spell. Students will master new vocabulary across the core curriculum subjects. Suitable for individuals or small groups.

WORDS teaches:

  • Syllable patterns, such as VC/CV and V/CV
  • Anglo-Saxon, Latin, and Greek word roots
  • Prefixes and suffixes
  • Strategies for decoding and spelling long, unfamiliar words

Designed for:

  • Children and adults with reading and spelling skills of third grade and above
  • Students in general education and learning disability classrooms
  • Individuals or small groups


  • Lesson plans
  • Teacher scripts
  • Objectives
  • Multiple examples of the concepts taught
  • Pretests, posttests, and unit quizzes
  • Online access to reproducible materials

Complete Kit Includes: Manual and access code to online reproducible materials

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256 pages • 8.5 x 11 • softcover manual • ©2010